Installation with projection, 3-D animated film;
Variable dimension, film 3,00 min. format 16:9

My aim with the film Anatomic Flop is to make visible the questions that concern the consequences of the Western culture- image of the normal body. The effort from a normality conception in the Western society has created an utopian image of the rational ideal. From a historical point of view, it becomes visible that the way we perceive the body has changed from a subject into an object, which has led to a classification of what is to consider as a normal respective an abnormal body. 

The ongoing processes of change of the normal is also manipulating the normal within, it creates a rationalized image of the normal that reproduces it self on and on. Those processes of change create dissociation from the abnormal which means from that which is perceived as the opposite to normal.  

In Anatomic Flop eight display models of muscle physiology are running at a one hundred metres running track, but on and on they are being interfered by a big winged hour-glass. The heavy stroke from the wings of the hour-glass beat the models of muscle to the ground and throws them back towards the starting line so that they never reach the finishing-line.

I have chosen a hundred metres running track to visualize the marked measurable condition wherein the eight models of muscle physiology are found to be. The winged hour-glass is a symbol from the Black Death in the Middle Ages. In Anatomic Flop the hour-glass has two functions, one that shows the visual image of the existence of time (the organic time) and another as a functionary. The hour-glass are blocking the figures to force the rational running time. 

The work was showed first time in conjunction with a solo show at Galleri Magnus Åklundh, Malmö, Sweden, (2004).

Selected exhibitions:
THE JOY OF MY DREAMS, I Bienal Internacional de Arte Contemporáneo de Sevilla Pabellón Spain, (2004)
Carnegie Art Award 2006, Henie Onstads Kunstsenter, Høvikodden, Norway, (2005)
Anatomic Flop, MAGASIN, Grenoble, France, (2005)
no Fear / keine Angst, Stedelijk Museum Schiedam, The Netherlands, (2005)
Galerie Nordenhake, Berlin, Germany, (2006)
“Animated Stories”, CaixaForum Barcelona, Spain, (2006)