The exhibition from the world of science fiction
NOVEMBER 6 2021 – APRIL 17 2022

In the Art Odyssey 2021 exhibition – Magnus Wallin exhibited films

Film installation with projection, 3-D animated film
Variable dimension, film 5,00 min. format 16:9 HD

Echo (2021)
2D and 3D animated film
Film installation with vertical projection
Film 18.35 min (soundless), format 4K
Link: ECHO

Photographer: Arttu Kokkonen

Art Odyssey 2021 is an exhibition inspired by science fiction. The exhibition presents works of eight contemporary artists in which influences from both literature and films can be discerned. In the selection of works, the focus has been on videos, sculptures and other spatial works of art.

The opening view on arrival at the exhibition space is like the opening scene of a movie. Something has happened, only the consequences of the event remain, and it is up to the viewer to draw conclusions. The presentation of the exhibition utilises the gigantic dimensions of Art Museum Gösta’s large exhibition hall, such that the exhibition takes over the entire hall from floor to ceiling.

The artists are Lauri Astala, Petri Eskelinen, Roland Persson, Joseph Popper, Tiina Raitanen, Kimmo Schroderus, Magnus Wallin and Charlotta Östlund. The exhibition is curated by Petri Eskelinen and Kimmo Schroderus.

Link on You Tube: Art Odyssey 2021 “movie trailer”