Are you in pain… Not anymore no:13–16 (2021)
Aluminum, blood powder, bone, acrylic
Dimensions: 79,5 x 79,5 cm

In the series Are you in pain … Not anymore, Wallin has applied layers of blood powder bound with acrylic on aluminium panels. At the dimensions 79.5 x 79.5 the format refers to Kazimir Malevich’s Black Square of 1915. The layers have then been polished down to leave an almost completely unblemished smooth surface. From a distance they resemble jet black monochromes, free from connections to the outer world, entirely in line with Malevich’s Suprematist manifesto. The contrast between the strict format, the seemingly clinical surfaces and the actual roughness of the blood results in a both figurative and literal proxy for the human body. The bone fragments draw attention back to the surface and act as concentrated reference points for the viewer, emphasising its corporeal presence. This is further enhanced in the light of the UV light where a recognition for the viewer arises.